Sunday, January 18, 2009

Try again later

Recently, an old flame popped out of nowhere to ask if we could be friends again. Of course I said yes. He told me how I motivate him now and I felt happy knowing that I help other people become better individuals. But I didn’t expect it was a motivation of a different kind. Our conversations are about our past most of the time and I get uncomfortable talking about it. He nags about how I never put effort in the relationship and I gave up on him. He knows about my present relationship and insists on other things I will not mention here. What I do not understand is how he cannot let go of the past. He is clinging to that past and hoping that our so-called friendship would bring it back. Now that’s stupid. If you are reading this, I will say this to you again: Try again later. Or better yet, don’t try at all. I did my part when I was with you, you didn’t do yours. Do the math.

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