Sunday, February 15, 2009

Process of moving

The thought of transferring to a bigger place is exciting. But it’s really exhausting carrying stuff by foot. You could just imagine how many trips I’ve had. I’ve sore muscles and darker skin. I also had to clean the new apartment and also the stuff we have. I had to cover the holes with clay, mop the floor, and wipe everything else. The laundry basket’s full to the rim. Once everything’s clean, I arranged the interior to make it look spacious. It’s really nice because I can breathe again in my own home. And what about the clutter? Oh yeah, we had lots of those! They’re neatly piled outside the apartment ready to be picked up by the garbage men.

I find moving out fun and really exhausting. Let’s compare it to life. In order for us to move forward we need a certain goal where we want to be in, say for example, a new apartment. It’s never an easy task because we continuously encounter road blocks such as moving your things from one place to another. We have to clean the new place, rearrange the furniture, and fix whatever is needed to be fixed. Throughout the entire process we need patience. Without which, those pipes will leak in a couple of months. Pretty much like how learn stuff, it’s better to experience the difficult ones because we end up stronger than those who asked for help – that’s what I think. How will we learn to clean the shit in our lives if we pay someone to do it? The clutter which you do not need has to be disposed because too much of the past can choke us in the future. You choose only what you need to remind you of your hard work. After the grueling process of moving we’ve finally come to the point where we stand at our very door, looking inside our new place, and we breathe out the words, “damn, this is home,” and you’re finally there.

I’ve finally settled in my new apartment with my brother. Pretty soon Mike’s going to join us once his request to transfer from Commonwealth to Alabang gets approved. It actually started as a suggestion. A week later and we moved out. The new place is clean, has enough space, and reasonably priced. Maintaining it would be easier compared to our old place. Here's my bucket list to make it even better:

1.   Save more than P50,000.00 extra before the year ends;
2.   Spend more time with my brothers during my free time;
3.   Be more loving and less confrontational;
4.   Spend a couple of days at the beach with my significant other;
5.   Learn not to trust people immediately;
6.   Deal only with facts;
7.   And lose 29% of body fat.

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