Sunday, January 18, 2009

Party at Vivant

It was Paula’s party last night and she invited some friends over to celebrate it with her. Thinking of nothing to buy for a gift, I’ve decided to buy a pretty little cake from Bizu for her. Strawberries and chocolate. She liked it and I’m glad she did. So there was food, right? Most of it was straight-from-the-pan soaked in cooking oil! So much for a healthy eating. I volunteered to help in the cooking. Everything I did I wrapped in tissue to absorb the oil. And I think the way I did the food was better than the way it was made before Eunice and I came in. The palabok was great though and the cake from Red Ribbon was even better.

Now Paula’s friends are in our age group but Eunice and I felt like we don’t belong. Well, we don’t really belong there – they were Paula’s friends from her college and we belong to a different world. I did try to talk to them. Come on, I should be socializing. I was able to talk to a few of them since they were all engrossed at the laptop watching something. This party cannot be reached, try again later.

Eunice and I shared drinks: a bottle of beer and a glass of gin. We wouldn’t dare try the tequila. Eunice was driving and the only reason why she was allowed to come was because I’m with her. So we cannot be drunk, look drunk, or smell drunk. Good thing people smoked at the terrace so we didn’t have to worry about smelling like ash trays.

There was a commotion at the terrace where Paula, Robert, and Pong were staying. They were seeing a couple having sex from the other condo unit. Pong even wanted to record the entire thing I heard. I raised an eyebrow when Eunice and I went out to see what they were seeing. They weren’t having sex – they just had sex. I was a little disturbed because it wasn’t the stereotypical reason why most boys in their early 20’s would raise their heads for. The couple was not enticing at all. The guy was fat and looked like he was Korean or Japanese and the woman looked as if she was picked from a cheap catalog of mail-order brides. Instead of joining the gang’s delight of seeing live sex – or what’s left of it, I resorted to cooking cheese sticks and curly fries again.

Due to the negligence of one of Paula’s friends, the food was now completely soaked in oil and the entire condo unit was filled with smoke. The exhaust fan was already on full blast and I was a little worried the smoke might trigger the fire alarm. But I guess it was sort of a good thing if it did because some of them were drunk already – instant shower! I went back to cooking, right? I corrected the food, served it, and cleaned a little. I tried my hardest to resist the older brother syndrome: cleaning up the mess – while they’re still making mess. You know how OC I can get.

Paula asked the others not to make too much noise because one of the tenants complained. That’s when I stopped cooking and just sat down with Eunice and watch the fray – or what’s about to become one. They were debating on how to go home and whom to bring home with. It was delightful to watch them half-drunk talking about it. Paula wasn’t drunk so she took the reins and ordered some to bring some and then some…

Come 11 in the evening Eunice and I decided to say our thanks to Paula and leave. The party was a little interesting and I could see that Paula’s already stressed. More people were coming in. When we got to the car, we breathed a little and laughed because of two things: I left the car’s interior light on the entire time we were upstairs and Eunice could’ve killed me because of it; and we smelled like food – which is way better than smelling like ash.

Eunice dropped me off at the village entrance and she drove off for home. Now it was a little awkward since it was Eunice driving and not me. I’m a gentleman and it sort of embarrasses me not to take the wheel, but then again, it’s her car. What happened that night was one of the nights that can easily be forgotten. But I’m quite thankful it did happen because it gave me an idea on how to celebrate my birthday or some other special occasion with my boyfriend. All’s well then.

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