Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the dark

A couple of years ago, vaguely, I saw my former partner outside our rented apartment in the dark with a stranger. It was really late and the light coming from the windows wasn't enough to push back the shadows that hid them from me. But I knew they were close. Too close for strangers to stand by each other in a dark corner of the compound.

I was used to sleeping with my partner. We shared that small bed that was pushed against the thin wood wall. Feeling that someone was with me as I slept brought me comfort, security, contentment. But that night I woke up alone and confused. Where could have my partner gone?

I heard hushed voices coming from outside. Our room was nearest to the only door of that small place. I tried to silently open the door of the room, but I knew that that would be impossible since our room's door was tightly pressed against the wooden frame of the wall. I opened it still and rushed outside, away from the bright flourescent light of the small living area, into the dark outside. And there I saw them.

My partner immediately tried to bring me back inside. I can't be sure of what I did next. But I am not a man of the fist therefore I can definitely say that the stranger left bruise-free.

I was angry at my partner, but it eventually subsided. I was even foolish enough to apologize to the stranger for my odd behavior thru text. I don't know why I did that, but I know now that my reaction wasn't odd at all, in fact it was warranted, and that by apologizing to the stranger I have lost my mind.

Regardless of reason, no partner should ever meet with a stranger especially in the dark. The experience has left me a little traumatized, paranoid even. I hate this.


  1. what could they be doing in the dark?

  2. what else? groping, kissing, caressing the little birdie, whispering sweet nothings, listening to each others' heartbeat, feeling the warm breath of each other, conjuring plans to escape, getting away from the old and tired and routine and mundane, thanking the darkness that cover the night, possibly enjoying the anxiety-thrill-excitement of what-if-we're-caught, but also probably being true to their feelings and allowing themselves to get carried away by the attraction or lust. i can go on and on! agreed, it's torture. no partner should meet a stranger in the dark...


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