Monday, March 12, 2012


Ever since first year college I've been working small jobs here and there. I've taught English to Filipinos and Koreans, secretly wrote reports and projects for students at school, argued with incredibly difficult Americans and obnoxious nouveau riche Filipinos over the phone, and wrote hundreds of website content for an Australian company. Those I've done while I took my daily classes in college (except when I had to work in the call center; I had to stop from studying for a year, but I went back to school soon after).

I've always considered college to be my comfort zone despite of the times I wished for it to be over. I loved it so much that I promised myself I'd return to teach. And now, after 5 years of tertiary education (a year I had to repeat because I transferred), I'm finally going to begin a life in the professional world and I am frightened.

It feels like I'm in limbo because I'm hounded by so many questions, so many what-ifs. I do not exist very well in limbo.

I'm not sure if I'm making sense. I just want to let it out, hoping somehow it would clear my head of my uncertainties.

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  1. oh, I also stopped for a year that's why I'm in college for 5 years, hehe

    I feel the same, graduation day is fast approaching, and I will soon part from the one that I considered my second home...., I am also afraid of what I will become after that day....
    But no matter what, I know that God will guide us!

    Congratulations to you in advance as well!



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