Monday, January 2, 2012

Meal after New Year's

The problem most of us have after every holiday is the amount of food we have left. Some of us opt to throw them so we don't have to wait 'til they get spoiled. Some of us prefer to give them to those who need to eat. Some of us (like my partner and I) prefer to recycle whatever that we can to create new dishes. Good thing was we had a lot of cheese, pita, honey and pasta left.

Mike did all of these in less than an hour. And yes, they're really good. Especially the dips--they're mouth-watering!

Rigatoni with grilled salmon, eggplant and plum tomatoes

Mike also made some dips for the leftover pita bread 
(Tomato and jalapeno dip, honey mayo and cheese dip)


A penny for your thoughts. Be kind.


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