Monday, April 23, 2007

Rantings ni Coby

Picture this...

You're in a bus going to school, you enjoy that view of the coast as the sun gently rises over the horizon, then suddenly a dark man with tattoos running down his arm wearing dirty white sando, baggy pants, a backpack suddenly takes the seat beside you... Scary, isn't it? Well for me it is..

How about this...

You go to the mall to chill and have a good time when suddenly a group of youngsters wearing black shirt, pants, bracelets, eye liner, manicure, lipstick, shoes, with bright colored socks and their hair worn either 3 inches above their scalp or simply oiled down with bangs hanging like dead twigs to reveal the shape of their elongated heads... Embarrassing, isn't it? Well, for me it is..

Most of the time I wonder why most Filipinos couldn't and wouldn't dress and act properly. They may think wearing these kinds of clothes make them look cool and manly. Contrary to this, they look rather uncivilized to me. Sorry for the term, but they really do. Acting like they own the place, they're a bit off.. My bro and I were in the mall when we saw this gang that would totally dispear in the dark, and we just stared at each other. They could just wear clean clothes that would really look good on them... And come on, they might wanna try colors that would compliment their sun-burned skin! Add a little perfume and they'd look good, feel good, smell good.

Ooh! Another one...

I picked up my little bro from his Taekwondo lessons, we decided to pass through the mall after having dinner. Sure, it was a nice evening and we haven't seen anything we would find interesting. Then suddenly I saw this girl (A bit chubby)... She was wearing blue-green spandex, which really looked nice on her, and this white mini-skirt.. The funny thing was, this skirt of hers did little to conceal her panty... Every guy who happen to pass by kept on staring at her, especially down there. The worst part: the girl was with a guy! Maybe her boyfriend or bro or whatever, but hey, come on! He might've told the girl to wear something that would cover her undergarment.

I would like to tell anyone who might comment on my post that I observe an individual from head to foot. From hairstyle to toe nails. And yes, I am well aware that people can also comment on the clothes I wear, but hey! Walang pakialamanan! <did I spell that right?

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