Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Bill

Life is full of its comings and goings. But it's no longer good if there are more people coming than those going. I've recently read on the internet the latest bill being implemented and how some people claim that they represent the majority who do not approve of it. In a country with a growth rate of 2.04 percent (that's 90 million today), I think the family planning bill is needed. Contraception is good for people who cannot control when their hormones kick in (that's a lot of people). I also believe that the population has a direct effect on the success of a country. It's simple, really. Think about this: would a country grow if it has to take care of 90 million heads everyday, with more on the way than leaving? That's too much for a small country with really big dreams. Imagine serving a populace with families bigger than what they've planned. Look at the upper class, they've only started a number they can feed and now they can feed even more if they choose to. We're already lacking on so many things - so many problems and all - the easiest, I think, would be to control population growth. I think it would balance the scales a bit.  I am not against the CBCP, but we seriously need serious population control. I am for the bill.

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