Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hulking Up
Sometimes I wish I could just drag my brother out of the apartment for not letting me sleep. I get home at 9 in the morning everyday and I haven’t fully adapted to the night shift yet. Since we both live in a studio-type apartment, every sound he makes I will hear. I was able to sleep at 11am because I had to do the laundry; I was expecting to wake up around 6. I was woken 2pm by the sound of basketball on television. I tried to go back to dreamland, but it was too loud. I got up, fixed my bed, washed my face, then I went to the mall. While walking I had the craziest idea of suddenly turning green, ripping my shirt off like that marvel hero, and throwing my brother through the wall.

On Elegance
I have this problem with girls who act like bitches in public. For me, a girl should always be composed. While checking for emails a girl suddenly shouts out loud at a particular crew for assistance. I find this bitchy. No breeding at all. Wa' Poise! She should’ve gone up and walked to the counter, that’s what I think. Being composed means elegance. Every girl should be elegant. This is not found on the way they dress but on the way they behave in public. Boys should too! Anyway, if you’re going to be a bitch, you might as well be an elegant one. After all, there are elegant dogs in the world.

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