Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Working Out and Work

While browsing through a bucket of blog entries I've come across a particular post which surprisingly got stuck in my head. A tiny voice kept on telling me to blog it so I can forget it. Basically the message of the post is how life gets fucked up. Now we all know we get what we make of life, right? The subtext of that post is really for the superficial. I will not talk about fucked up lives, just a short comment on what I’ve noticed. A lot of people nowadays are into looking good and they do look good. Almost every guy I know lifts, burns and sweat to flaunt. I’m not saying there’s something wrong with that, we work out to feel and look good (most do to get better opportunities, professionally or otherwise). But I do not think it’s healthy when the only thing we do to feel good brings more stress than it should. Actually, I don’t think it should be stressful. Moving forward… If working out brings more stress to your life, shouldn’t you stop from doing so or at least do it in moderation? This actually defeats the purpose of unendingly agonizing to sculpt one’s body.  Now on the professional side, if looking good is the only way of earning big bucks and you complain about it, then get another job. That’s what I think, but who am I to say this? Let ‘em worry about that.

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