Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two shirtless guys on Twitter

A conversation between two shirtless guys on Twitter.

Guy 1: What's up?
Guy 2: Hey! Wanted to go to the gym but that's not gonna happen.
Guy 1: Why? I went today; worked on my chest. Trying to get it more pumped up.
Guy 2: I know. I wanted to go so bad, but the weather was horrible.
Guy 1: Oh really? Boo! I would have made you go if I lived down there.
Guy 2: Jealous that you went. Urg! I'm so mad!
Guy 1: Don't be mad. Taking breaks is good sometimes.
Guy 2: Yeah, but I haven't gotten back into a groove.
Guy 1: Aw. What wrong? Why didn't you go today?
Guy 2: It was pouring and I didn't want to walk to the gym wet.
Guy 1: Aw. I would have made you go if I lived down there.

Is this really what a lot of men are interested in these days? They're trying to get their muscles "pumped up" so much they're forgetting to use their brains. I also can't help but wonder: are they really gym buddies or f*ck buddies? Guy 1 seemed like he's ready for some private work-out with Guy 2 at his place. And one more thing: can you not use an umbrella to cover yourself on your way to the gym? But if he's gay then having no umbrella can be very advantageous--gyms these days are where the buffed carnivorous gay guys are and they love equally hot bodies covered with wet, white shirts. :)

*I have nothing against gay men since I am one myself, but I find big muscled men in general who seem to have lost their wits to be an oddity in this ever changing world. Surprisingly they are growing in numbers. We will soon be overrun by Johnny Bravos!


  1. does your boyfriend get jealous of you following these shirtless guys on twitter?

    1. I don't follow half-naked guys on Twitter. But I have friends who do. I chanced upon the conversation when one of the guys' posts was retweeted. And no, my partner (I prefer that term) does not get jealous whenever I look at these guys on the internet. There is no need to because I don't normally look for photos of men all over the web. Even if I did, he would know the websites I visited. Besides, isn't it childish to get jealous over such things? They're just pictures after all.

  2. Very well said. Hahah. Super funny. At times I am having this horrible and scared feeling of going to Wensha. I know there are lotsa gay guys there who just want to get a piece of someone else instead of getting a massage. :)))

    1. Many centuries ago, when I was free and unbound to any person, I did wonder what it would be like to visit such places. I have a few friends who have gone and returned "satisfied," but it frightened me because of what might happen in the dark, what disease I might succumb to. I'm grateful I never went for it would have been in my list of shameful deeds I wish not to have done. (Drama ko lang sa post na 'to, no?)

  3. There are things worth experiencing, but this isn't part of my list. Shameful deeds, I had my fair share and that's enough na.

    [Isang madramang Saturday, indeed!] Miss you both!

  4. It is just that, straight or not, some people have high regards to be at par with the rest in terms of physique. Media says it all.

    1. Yea, media. Unless you're incredibly funny, you have to be physically fit to make it. That's what some people believe at least.

  5. I have encountered people who go to gym only to beautify there bodies not because of health concerns...., And yes, you are correct, Johnny Bravo is coming to life in our society today....,


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