Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Expensive covers

Ever since I got myself an iPad I've been looking for a case that would not only protect my tablet, but also affordable enough to be bought without having to save for it. I found one that's black and nice at a discounted price at Switch, ATC. It's not really want I wanted for my iPad, but it had to do because the other iPad covers and cases were too damn expensive. But some people, especially those who can afford to burn money, came up with something that's even more ridiculous than the ones they did before.

These beautiful iPad covers are more expensive than the iPad itself. Ranging from 32 thousand to 54 thousand pesos, these Hermes products are just... I am... I can't think of anything to describe it. Help me out here.

A single iPad case is worth more than a plane ticket abroad. It's crazy!

But of course, I wouldn't mind being given one though.


  1. really? 32K for a simple cover? I thought those sold in Apple Stores were the most expensive ones, ranging from 2k to 5k...,

    1. I thought so, too. Until I saw these from a friend's post. I won't deny these covers look really nice, but to pay more than the tablet it protects is just ridiculously wasteful. That's what I think.


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