Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just brawn and no brains

I wonder what Pacquiao's gay friends think of him when he made that controversial statement. I wonder what his wife's gay friends think of him, too. And I definitely wonder what his children will think of him should they grow up to be gays/lesbians. Would Pacquiao still hold the same sentiment or will he swallow his pride and accept defeat to the LGBT community? Or will he remain ignorant and punch the homosexuality out of his children assuming they grow up to be gays and lesbians?

I never liked Pacquiao. I always thought there was nothing beneath his messy 'do and unkempt beard. Now I believe it to be true.


  1. same here, I don't like Pacquiao ever since

    1. Perhaps he should have stayed a boxer and an entertainer.


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