Thursday, April 26, 2012

The annoying kid from F13

One of my biggest pet peeves is to hear someone react loudly to a scene in a movie inside the theater. The types who woot and gasp out loud.

I get it, they're so drawn to the movie and in every big scene they react like they're not with 200 other people inside the cinema. Why can't they just shut their traps, keep their woots and gasps to themselves, and appreciate the movie the same way the other 200 people do?

Take for example this kid who was behind us while watching The Avengers (he was seated on seat F13 to be exact). Every time a hero was shown on the big screen, he woots out loud. When he saw the shield agent stabbed, he gasped, and he said something out loud to his dad. It's irritating! I kept staring at him whenever he reacted and I bet his mother got worried that I might throw my bag of popcorn at him.

I used to have a friend who would react out loud when we would watch movies. He'd laugh, gasp and chat in any scene he connected to. It was annoying, but he was my friend so I kept everything to myself. But still... It. Was. Annoying.

Let me tell you this: being a kid (or a kid at heart) is NOT an excuse to ruin an experience shared by 200 people inside a theater. You come to a theater to watch a film--one that is also watched by other people. Respect thru silence is expected from you. If you can't respect us, they will definitely not respect you.

If you do that while you're watching a film with me, I will definitely not respect you.


  1. i can relate..... this happened to me when I watched The Last Air Bender(which is a total waste of money) a kid from behind would always say "whoa" everytime they would bend, so irritating, makes me wanna throw my popcorn to the kid, hehe


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