Friday, April 13, 2012


As a freelance writer for an Australian website (and a recent college grad), I always thought that my current and future jobs would require me to buy a new laptop where I could create and keep all the articles that my reasonable Australian boss (and future boss) would ask me to write. It never occured to me to get an iPad until Mike argued that it was so much better than what I originally wanted.

We already have one laptop at home and Mike argued that it would be silly to buy another one when all I do is type my articles and read stuff online. He took pity on me when I would occasionally lift the laptop over me when I read in bed and he made it his short-term goal to convert me from a laptop user to an iPad lover. Furthermore, he argued that it would be easier for me to carry around in my bag or in my arms when I'm out especially since I'll be working for a company soon (fingers crossed).

It took me weeks of thinking and considering his arguments and all others I could think of before I finally decided that it was worth trying. When my dearest mother finally gave me the go signal, I finally rushed to the mall with Mike in tow to get myself a brand new iPad.

To test the worthiness of the popular tablet, I immediately began to write an article on it and I was really surprised to find it extremely comfortable and more user-friendly than the conventional keyboard I grew up loving. In just an hour I was able to finish an 800-word article and I had this sudden desire to write more. I became easier for me to type on the smooth glass surface of the tablet and the touch of the physical keyboard became alien to me.

What I'm having trouble with on the iPad is the fact that I would have to constantly switch apps to read and write. It's not like the laptop, which allows me to read and write at the same time by cascading the browser and the notepad side by side.

Despite that disadvantage, I'm glad I got this instead of another laptop. It's a good buy.

Eve at work
By the way, I named my iPad "Eve" not only because it's white, but also because the catchy song "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" from the Disney movie Wall-E was playing in the shop when I bought it.


  1. definitely a good buy, plus it looks so chic :)

  2. oh good for you! I wish I could have one right now, haha

  3. This article made me want to get an iPad too instead of a laptop, I was having the same thought too about laptop or iPad ;)

    1. It's so useful for presentations and it's easier to carry around than a laptop.


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