Thursday, April 5, 2012

The small and rubbery Sausage McMuffin

Earlier today I phoned McDonald's to order breakfast for me and Mike. I ordered two pancake meals (one with hot chocolate and the other had orange juice) and two Sausage McMuffins without drinks. An hour later our food arrived. What was supposed to be a good breakfast turned out to be very disappointing.

We had no problem with the pancakes (they were actually quite delicious), but had some issues with the Sausage McMuffins and the drinks. 

Unlike the big Sausage McMuffins of old, the ones we got were no bigger than my fist. And my fist isn't that big, let me tell you. Not only were they smaller, they were also not as delicious as I remember them to be. The patty tasted like it was recycled from last week's batch. The bread had white powder which were actually difficult to scrape off. Makes me wonder if the bread they used was fresh or was it also recycled. To make matters worse, the McMuffin had the consistency of plastic. Imagine eating toy burgers you find in children's kitchen sets. It was terrible. 

The drinks were also bad. The hot chocolate we ordered was too sweet. Quite frankly, it didn't taste anything near chocolate. It was like they forgot to put the right kind of chocolate powder but were very generous with water. The orange, on the hand, I can't even... It didn't taste like orange juice. It tasted like orange soda mixed with bad iced tea. It scraped my throat while I was drinking it and my poor taste buds were terribly abused. I mean, I was expecting to taste orange juice but it tasted a lot different. It was difficult to adjust because what you're seeing isn't what it's supposed to taste.

I have no pictures of our meal on this post because I forgot to take them and for that I apologize. But truly, I would not blog about my disappointments if I didn't really experience them. I don't want to go through another bad breakfast just to take photos as proof. Surely you've also experienced this, too. 

Next time we order in for breakfast, I'll make sure to choose a better local fastfood restaurant. 


  1. did you complain to them about it?

    that's really a disappointment in everyone's part, tsk2

    1. No use complaining. We don't eat there anymore.

  2. Replies
    1. The reps always say Alabang branch. Not sure if it's the one at ATC or in Northgate.


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