Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dinner at Museum Cafe

We don't normally pass through the Ayala Museum in Greenbelt Park, but when we do, I usually stare at the people dining at Museum Cafe. I sometimes wondered how the food was at that pretty little restaurant on the corner of Greenbelt 4. Mike and I, we were afraid to try because we thought the prices were astronomically high. Turns out the food was reasonably priced.

The restaurant opened in the early 2000s and specializes in Asian cuisine. Here are some of the food we had. Unfortunately I wasn't able to jot down the names of the food we ordered, but I do know what they basically are.

Complimentary starter

Some kind of beef salad. The beef is unbelievably good.


Don't let its look fool you. This seafood soup is actually a LOT better than it looks.

The best shrimp dumplings I ever had!

And immediately after taking photos of these delicious meals, Mike and I, being ever hungry for good food, dug in. There was nothing we didn't like in everything we had.

Seldom do I get to eat in a place like this so I say it's one of the most beautiful restaurant I have ever been. The ambiance is comfortable and the interior of the restaurant exudes style. It does look expensive from the outside, but as a foodie, it is a sin to judge a restaurant by its interiors and not the food it serves.

The largest art piece they have in the restaurant. I wasn't able to take photos of the others.

Mike and I are not exactly a fan of such places since we prefer restaurants of a tad lower caliber. There are other restaurants around that are budget friendly and nearer to us, buy maybe we'll come back again some other time when we have business in the area.

Many thanks to Doc Owen, Mike's friend, for bringing us there. We enjoyed the food and the company.


  1. It's a really good restaurant. Can't wait to go back and eat more dumplings!


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