Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Paper Boat

The rain poured heavily that afternoon. Billy stood wet and bruised. Water trickled down his back. Billy never wanted it to happen. He didn’t see it coming. It was now a blur to him. A blue fish danced in the water where Billy was floating his paper boat. The other boys came, and they wanted his money. They took more than the pennies Billy had. Tall and mean that they are, the others took his new shoes, his bike, and himself. In an empty shed they bullied Billy. Pain was all that he could recall, the sting of violation too shameful to express. His arms, pinned and is body bent. Through the broken windowpane, none could see what was happening. Billy’s shouts of pain and pleas of mercy were unheard. At last, when he thought that it would never end, the boys released him and left, their laughter heard from afar. After a while, Billy stood and returned the dirty underwear to his hips. Blood stained his clothes, torn and useless. His silent tears reached the rippled water where the blue fish swam; his paper boat nowhere in sight.

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