Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let's talk about muscles

*think sexy voice

I believe that there are two types of muscular bodies in the society: Work-Related and "For Display Only."

Muscular people who do not seem to follow the norm of what buffs are belong to Work-Related. They have muscles at specific parts of their bodies that are too big or too small for other body parts. They may have big biceps riddled with even bigger veins or hard abs but soft appendages. These muscles are sculpted through years of practice of their profession. They are usually darker than most of us and skin in need of TLC thanks to the cruel sun. Their ruggedness, however, does not appeal to us as much as the other group. Most people who belong here are carpenters, workers, garbage collectors, construction workers, etc… "ers" but not always. You'll find them almost everywhere working long and hard for your satisfaction.

Not these type of "construction workers" image source

This one is a good example. image source
On the other hand, a lot muscular people who seem to have a more defined type of body fall under "For Display Only." They usually have muscles that complement each other perfectly. They may have every part of their bombastic bodies toned, from head to foot, and they appeal to our sensual desires.

image credit
These people spend hours in the gym sweating and burning it all out to look good. Whether born with good looks or otherwise, these people will burn fat and all just to add more hotness to their bodies. They usually have fair-tanned skin, oh so soft and supple. Surprisingly people who belong to this elite group are, well… most of us! From young high school boys to hot, hot men who we can’t seem to get enough of. Take your pick. They're usually found in secured environments rich with pounds to lift. They may even be right next door, flaunting those delectable assets.

Francisco Lachowski image source
Although this observation is flawed, not everybody belongs to one group alone. One may belong to both if necessary. But we can all agree to one thing: we will always want muscles.

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