Friday, November 25, 2011

I need to slim down

I started eating more in lesser amounts and I went back to swimming so that I'd lose the weight I've gained over the past few weeks. It's really about looking good, being proportioned (read: flat tummy) and building back the confidence I've lost since I got a little bigger especially my mid section. My goal is just to be slim. Lean, maybe. But not muscular. Though yummy to look at and really droolworthy, I'm not a fan of those big, muscular, rock-hard men we see on runways and magazines. I don't see myself being like them now or ever.

It started a couple of weeks ago when pimples started to dot my face. I took anti-acne cream and a trip to the dermatologist for advice. Now they're just scars and they're the hardest to remove. Then of course, there's my growing belly thanks to daily servings of delicious home-cooked meals. I'm not complaining about the food, but I could have restrained myself from indulging too much.

During the procedure. Cleaning, diamond peel, and glycolic peel.

After the procedure. Still, of course with pimple marks but clearer.

At the lounge of Skin101.

Going back, I want to make sure that I lose pounds and get a flat tummy. Eating more seems to be a good plan along with daily trips to the pool. It's all about not looking like a regular big-bellied, run of the mill type of guy. They're everywhere!

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