Friday, November 25, 2011

Cafe Breton, Galette Rustique

It's been a while since I last visited Cafe Breton at Westgate. Immediately after my trip to Acqua, I went to the restaurant for a good lunch.

I've always had Galette Americain ever since my first trip to this cozy restaurant in Makati. When I learned that they also have one in Alabang, of course, it became easier to have this old favorite of mine whenever I wanted it. The juicy patty, the savory sauce, the delicious egg, the meal is oh so good.

Galette Americain

But today was different.

Although I was craving for that familiar delectable meal, I wanted to try something different, something new to my taste buds. I browsed through their menu of awesome crepes, sandwiches, and galettes and found one that seemed interesting.

Galette Rustique

Galette Rustique is simple, but it's good. The tomatoes, the smoked bacon, and the egg all melted perfectly in my mouth. It's truly one for the books and I cant have enough of it. It's amazing. It's my new favorite.

If you haven't tried Cafe Breton, drop by and have a taste of goodness. The ambience, it's cozy, perfect for quick lunches with friends and family. Good place to take pictures, too!

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  1. have you tried mona lisa along commerce ave? great food and ambiance!



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