Sunday, November 27, 2011

That consent form

Correct me if I'm wrong but all academic institutions release parental consent forms to students before an activity outside the walls of the school takes place. These often require the students to return it with their parents' signatures affixed on it. A returned slip often means the parents allow their children to join the activity and trust the school will protect the wellfare of the students. But what happens when the parents do not allow their children to attend? What if the activity is a requirement and there is no alternative? Will the school bow down to the wishes of the parents for an alternative activity even if there is none? How will it affect the students' standing in class?

Let's ask these questions from the perspective of a working student who pays for his own tuition.

What if the company refuses to allow the student from attending the activity because he is needed at work that day? Knowing that the job is important to the student (since he works to pay for his tuition), will the school let the student take an alternative even if there is none? Will this also affect his standing?


  1. that's a problem. back in college ako ang pumipirma ng parental consent..pero sa ganyang situation, mapapadalawang isip ako.

  2. more than getting d parent's approval, consent forms are used to release the school from any liability should something happen during d activity.

    activities like these should clearly outline the purpose/s, impact, etc. this gives the parents or d working student opportunity to assess everything and come up with an informed decision.



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