Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Night In A Blue Bar

I remembered something last night which I’ve forgotten to blog. After a rather disappointing movie with my friends at Greenbelt days ago, I’ve decided to take one of my other “special” friends to a blue bar in Malate. It wasn’t easy for him to decide whether to go or not to, but my friend’s curiosity got the better of him – he has never been there before.

It was funny because he did not want to be noticed by anyone he knows, especially by anyone from his school. At exactly 1 in the morning, with hoodies and caps, we ventured to the busy streets of Nakpil. It took us a couple more minutes to get in line to this unbelievably small and crowded bar. I’ve been to this place before; however, it still gave me chills because I can never stand being in a place as crowded as a can of tuna with booming music and the scent of ecstasy in processed air.

So there we were, meters from the ramp, with no bottle of beer in hand, swaying to the music when everybody else was dancing and grinding (not to be confused with losers, please! Ha-ha!). Under the lasers and dim light even the ugliest can become the best looking. I warned my very discreet friend not to trust the dimly lit bar because most people there naturally look less good looking when they come outside. He did not believe me at first, but eventually he noticed I was right.

The funny thing about that particular night – I thought - was that my friend never wanted attention. But to go in a blue bar means to catch attention, having fun merely comes second (I will slap anyone who thinks otherwise). Almost nobody paid attention to him, I had more than enough. There were not really much guys there who passed our standards that night anyway. Then it suddenly dawned on me that he did not want attention, but we were there merely to satisfy his curiosity of being in a place he’s not accustomed to. He got culture shock – even I had that when I went there for the first time.

Everything else went well, but the one thing I’ve feared for my friend came: he wanted to go back soon. I am such a bad influence! No matter, when we think friends did us wrong they still remain our friends. I’m not saying it was wrong of me to bring him there, merely pondering if I’m the right person to guide my friend in this complicated world called gay life. But then again, the phrase did not really match my explanation. Ha-ha!

Correct me if I’m wrong. Gay bars are places where gay people go to because there are nude male dancers. Blue bars are places mostly filled with gay guys, not necessarily the entire list of people in that area.

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