Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Joven family trip

Last Saturday, we, the Jovens, went to Los Baños to spend quality time in a resort. It was great! Save for some things..

We left home around 8 in the morning. Supposed to be 7, but you know how we Filipinos do: Yeah, Late! It wasnt bad at first. It was a sunny day, and when I mean sunny, I mean REALLY sunny. Ang init!!!! The van's airconditiong was on full blast already, it wasn't enough.

We stopped by a pitstop along SLEX to buy food. Then here comes traffic. Heavy traffic! There was road work, and lots of it. Hassle nga eh. So it took us an hour and a half traversing the length of SLEX... Another hour and we finally got where we're supposed to go, not to mention some detours to buy fruits and rice cakes.

So we finally arrived sa resort. I was hungry, so I had breakfast muna before swimming. And before swimming, I put on some sun block, and I did put a lot.. Hehehe.. (It says on the bottle to put on sun block after heavy exposure to the sun and/or after toweling.) And I did. =) I did get a little tan though. Like it! hehehe...

There was this big slide where you have to pay 100 just to use it.. Heck! we paid for it! Make the best out of everything nga naman. Minsan na nga lang mag-outing, lubusin na! hahahahah!!! It was great! Especially the Big One.. I tried it. It was high. And kinda steep. Damn! Ang sakit ng nostrils ko when I hit the water...

Me, my cousins, and my brothers, along with my uncle played tag. Childish noh? Hahaha... Pero cute, and fun! Then it was my Titas' turn to go swim. Tita Cang and Tita Eileen. While we boys were at the cottage, eating!

So many things have happened pa, di lang yan. I got a scratch on my elbow, Rashes on my thighs because of the board shorts I wore, and a tummy filled with coke, sprite, and pool water. Geesh! All that swimming did make a tall guy like me thirsty.

7pm, we started for home. But we had dinner first at a pitstop along SLEX. Then Home. Finally.

Dad wasn't able to come. He wasn't invited. Pero we gave him fruits we bought along the way para no had feelings whatsoever. Hehehe...

And that ends my tale of... our... errr... escapade? hmmm...

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