Tuesday, April 24, 2007

That darn sun!

Shoot! Damn it! So freakin' hot outside!

I can boil eggs under this temp..

For you people who'd like to get a tan, y'all know where to go, that's right... Outside the security of your airconditioned/ centralized/ cool/ well-ventilated house... The heat's so intense it'll cook you alive in a matter of minutes! Heck, you might wanna put on some sun-block first or you might get skin cancer...

 Speaking of tan, I was watching beach volleyball on this foreign channel and I saw this hot momma... Too hot! So hot she's as black as the underside of a pan! I figured she went over the top on the tan. Teehee... So much for the perfect tan...

So, I'm at the mall... Yeah, I should be at the beach having fun! Heck, no fun where you find people crowded over a stretch of sand and shallow water. So, I'm at the mall.. It's the coolest place there is next to our fridge! Hmm... How much ba ang mga private pools sa Laguna? How much kaya pag overnight dun? Anyone know some people who know people who know these kinds of private pools I'm talking about?

Do tell, please, it's safer kasi eh and it's a better place to spend quality time with the family than at the beach.

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