Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gourmet dog treats from Whole Pet Kitchen

My partner and I, we love our dogs. We care for them so much that we only give what we think is the best for them that's within our reach financially. And why shouldn't we when they have always been there to relieve us of our frustrations and stress. We don't treat our mini schnauzer and toy poodle like dogs at all. We treat them like they're our kids.

Recently, our mini schnauzer, Fonzie, turned a year old (7 in dog years), and we decided to buy him delicious treats that are unlike those we usually find at pet stores.

We found this business on the internet called Whole Pet Kitchen, and they bake and deliver gourmet pet treats that are made from real ingredients. We gave them a call and placed an order. Once we paid thru the bank, we got our tiny dog muffins + dog treats for Fonzie the very next day.

There's actually a list where you can choose the food you want baked for your dogs and they're really affordable. We ordered 2 dozen banana muffins for around 500 (inclusive of shipping) and they came with lots of other dog treats, too.

I had to ask the owner if the muffins were safe for human consumption because the scent was really good. "Yes, they're safe; but they're going to be bland," she said.

Here are some photos of the muffins we ordered. We placed them in neat little boxes so we can share them with our neighbors with dogs. The dogs loved them!

The dogs loved the treats, especially the muffins!

We bought the boxes separately so we could give some to our dog-loving friends next door.

Cute, no?

It's not always that we find very good treats for our dogs and it would be a shame if we don't get to share them with you. The people at Whole Pet Kitchen are very friendly, even if we only spoke over the phone and through text. You can check out their website at http://wholepetkitchen.com if you want to find out more about the kind of dog treats they're making.

Yes, we love our dogs. We'll do anything for them and we'll give only the good stuff to them simply because they're the closest thing we'll ever have to children. If you love your dogs the same way we do, why don't you give Whole Pet Kitchen a call and give your beloved pets some healthy and delicious treats they'll surely enjoy?

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