Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Writing small

When I was younger, I wrote almost daily. I wrote about my my relationships, my flings, basically everything that I've experienced while I was in my first few years in college. And I wrote with such fervor that I didn't bother editing my words. But now that I'm about to graduate, and now that I'm a writer, I find it difficult to find that passion in writing again, creatively or otherwise. I spend more time writing articles for work than I do for my own blog. When I do feel like writing, the words shy away from me. It's frustrating sometimes.

Somehow I need to find a balance in order for me to bring back that passion again. I need to start writing small again.


  1. write about something that interests you the most at a certain time.

    Just my two cents

  2. Try to look in a different perspective. Maybe you‘re only staring at one side of the paper. :)


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