Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Virgilio Baliber

That name will always remind me that there are still honest people working out there.

After having dinner at ATC’s foodcourt, Mike and I hurried to check something elsewhere and I didn’t realize that I left my wallet. I only began looking for my wallet, which contained a thousand pesos, my pill box, ATM cards, and my San Beda ID, when we were supposed to buy something already.

We ran back to the foodcourt hoping that I’d still find my wallet there, but it was gone. Then the restaurant staff where we bought food motioned for me to look for one of the cleaners of the mall, who was conveniently looking for me too. He told us to follow him to the concierge and that’s where I got my wallet back. And not a cent lost, too!

I was extremely grateful for the dark skinned, mild mannered man who gave me back my wallet. He showed me his name tag when I asked for his name and it read, “Virgilio Baliber.” As a sign of great appreciation, I gave Virgilio 100 pesos. It was truly amazing. If you ever bump into him at ATC, do say hi. He’s a good soul.

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