Thursday, November 24, 2011

On Coby giving gifts

Ever since I was a child, Christmas isn't really my favorite season of the year, but its fun nonetheless. I get gifts and cash and to eat so much food that I'd have to stand up most of the time to aid my abused tummy digest it. We spend time with our families and enjoy the feast. But of late, I realized how expensive and such a hassle it could get, especially for someone who's started to work a real job. I've decided to trim down the list.

I've been really busy with work and I wasn't able to shop for gifts for everyone I hold most dear until on the eve itself. I rushed to the mall, withdrew cash, and searched for something to wrap in green and red laces along with scores of people doing exactly the same thing. It took me hours. I bought gifts for my brothers, for my boyfriend and something for myself as well. I still had a long list of names to finish. I was thinking I’d spend thousands when I thought why bother finishing the list when the most important people in the world for myself (who are in the country) are my brothers? You might say I'm rude, but I'd like to think I'm just being practical. I don't like buying cheap little things with chains and zippers for gifts - not even for monito/monitas. I bought my brothers what they've been eyeing on for some time. But when my brothers opened their presents I swear it was the best feeling in the world. It felt so much better when I gave my boyfriend his present. I got a gift card and a really nice bracelet.

On a positive note, the best Christmas present I could give others is the friendship we’ve established and the respect that is due them. This is the season of giving and I believe that no amount of presents can top what we can have for keeps – love, friendship, and all the other fruits of the soul. I just gave a few presents because they’re really special to me. You get my point? If you've noticed, pinabango ko lang yung sinabi ko. Teehee!

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