Thursday, November 3, 2011


I’ve been waiting for our money to arrive since Saturday. It’s not yet in our joint account. Where is it?!

I called the bank and they said that the money is being processed so I should expect the money in our account in about 10 minutes. But that call was made an hour ago! I don’t mind staying in and not spending (saves us a lot), but the thought of that hard earned money NOT in our bank account, it’s really… @!#@!%^$

I really would like to strangle somebody for this big fat inconvenience. Should I murder someone at the bank for this glacial pace? Or should I bite my boss’ head off for sending the money a day before November 1?

I don’t really care who’s at fault here. We worked day and night and we expect to be paid for these articles.

No work, no pay ya’ll say? Well then… no pay, no work!

Update: A few minutes after my rant I checked BDO (for the umpteenth time) and there it lay, a bunch of numbers staring back at me, as if it’s finally giving up on its desire to torture me with my impatience.

This is all some sick joke, yeah? Well, we’re eating out tonight, that’s for sure.

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