Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I know that, but why?!

At home...

"Are you using my facial wash?" my brother asked as he entered the bathroom. He had a serious look on his face. 
"It's the only facial wash I have right now and it's about to run out."
"No, I didn't. And what facial wash?" I replied as I patted my face dry. I looked for a small bottle or sachet of facial wash and found none on the bathroom sink.
"That one," he pointed to a small black sachet on the bathroom sink with the words FRESHMAN: Masculine Wash printed on it.

"You use this on your face?" I had to ask.
I stared at my brother in disbelief and read to him the words at the back of the sachet: wash area with water and rub product onto genital area.

His facial expression was priceless.

At the lobby...

My brother and I were waiting for the elevator at the lobby of the condo when the doors of the lift finally opened. A group of girls started to get off, but two older women remained and were pressing the close button.

"Up?" I asked as I was pressing the up button from the outside.
"No, down. We're going to the ground floor," one of the women said.

My brother stared at each other and smiled. It was obvious that we were trying not to laugh. She was hitting the close button, but my finger was firmly pressed against the up button.

"This is the ground floor," I declared.
"No, this is the sixth floor. Says so on this panel."

I let go of the button and let the doors close to bring them to the ground floor, wherever that may be. A second or two later, the doors of the elevator opened again.

"Oh, I thought it we were still at the sixth floor," the woman said.


  1. hahaha..

    This post made me smile :))

  2. hahaha, Im also using that masculine wash sa dick ko, but I think its a good facial wash kasi me yung Ph niya ay tamang tama for the skin...hahahaha

    ...hahaha funny, I just started writing a story about elevator na ipopost ko mayamaya ng nabasa ko ito,..

    nicenice, this made my day, thanks coby cute!

  3. Too much info, man! I cringed at the D word. Haha!

  4. hahaha,kasi baka maisip mo na ginagamit ko din siya sa face wahehehe

  5. whoa! there's masculine wash now? seriously?! the idea is sooooo feminine, it doesn't even sound right!

    what applies to women doesn't necessarily apply to men and vice versa.

    fact: men & women are NOT equal


  6. whahahaha.. panalo tong post na to.. ang kulit lang ba.,...

  7. hahaha funny elevator encounters, haha

    1. aggghhhh! i know some guys actually use feminine (!) wash for their face. (i suspect that's what made some people think about marketing one for the men.) it allegedly makes their complexion look young and pinkish and fresh-smelling. (like the vajayjay after using the feminine wash for a time?!?) i asked a derma once about this and he said, yah, it's chemical composition is probably the best for the face. he uses it, too. arrrghhhh!


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