Monday, December 15, 2008

Could've been U.P.

I have been omitting this entry for nth time and apparently I’m in no mood to write long blog entries today, so here’s the gist of what I want to share with you today: I miss UP Diliman. Now I know you know I come from the Pontifical and Royal Catholic University of the Philippines, but being able to live in the premiere state university a few years back  for a semester gave me a perspective and mindset different from what I have learned from the smoke-free university located along España. It’s different, it’s actually better for me. Of course I am thankful for what I’ve learned as a Thomasian, but if I had the chance to pursue my course in UP I would’ve jumped on board without thinking twice now. It’s really funny because I disliked the university when I was in high school for a lot of really pathetic reasons, but now things are different. Dad and Vice were right. I should’ve been and I could’ve been there. Thanks to some people (and that includes you, Teacher) I wish now that I had done better or had pushed through with my plan to transfer years ago. I can already hear some people saying, “I told you so,” and I say to them, “Go to hell!” I'm happy still.

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