Sunday, November 30, 2008


I've finally become the one thing I've dreamed of becoming: Chubby. Most people would think that I only found some weight, not necessarily chubby, but it's what I think and I think I'm chubby and that's the important part for me. Now that I am, I dream now of losing it to be slim once again. I've figured it's too much already, especially now that I literally feel my body's metabolism slowing down. I'm not a big fan of working out at the gym, not yet. But maybe when I do get that discount from Gold's then I will find time for it. But for now, eat less in even smaller bites.

Oh yeah! I still don't look chubby in my photos.

I remember what my bro's friend said when he saw himself half nude in front of the mirror, "Shit! May nakasampay sa katawan ko!" (he pinched his tummy). Not that it mattered, I just found it funny and it has nothing to do with me slimming down.

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