Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long day

I don’t mind traveling far, I just need to have a very good reason to go. The last time I went to Quezon City was when Mike and I got Fonzie from the breeder. Today we had the opportunity to go to the big city to attend our inaanak’s first birthday party in a restaurant along Quezon Avenue.

We didn’t stay long; we left a little past 3 to visit Mike’s favorite church, Crossroad 77. I must say that it’s one of the coolest churches I’ve been to (the list isn’t long).

After that, we met up with Ronan at Greenhills to attend service after shopping for throw pillows. Greenhills is like a can of sardines and a can of mackarel stacked side by side.

We then traveled to Makati to have dinner at Heaven & Eggs. It was my first time to eat there and I must say that I was really pleased with the food that was serve to me. Mike’s sandwich was delightfully tasty, too. We went home right after.

You see, I don’t mind going far from sweet home Alabang. I just need a good reason—nay, reasons—to go. The birthday party, service, and the throw pillows convinced me to go.

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