Saturday, May 25, 2013

The year we had Fonzie

I remember the time when Mike and I were choosing the breed of dog we were going to get. He was insisting that we get a chihuahua, but I insisted we get a a mini schnauzer. A few months later and we got our first dog: Fonzie. 

He was a tiny pup when we got him; he could barely stand and was always peeing about. He made a mess of things: he almost ripped my laptop cord in half, pooped and pissed on the couch countless times, and he was always... aroused. There was a time when he positioned himself on the couch and prepared to drop the bomb, and because there was no tissue or piece of paper in sight, I dove to catch the warm package with my bare hands! It was horrific. He gave me a curious look after that. But we loved him. I loved him.

Unfortunately, the day came when his energy was too much for us to handle so we gave him away to a responsible person who can handle him more than we could. It was, of course, a deal we didn't really want, but we really had no choice. Much as we love Fonzie, we just couldn't afford to take care of him anymore. We're not heartless to throw him out the streets. One sad sunset, we bid him farewell.

While we have Pogo now, not a day goes by without me thinking about Fonzie. I'm very sure he's in a better home now. I heard that he's still energetic and he's making another family happy. But I do miss him. Terribly so. And even if he's no longer with us, I will always think of him as a part of my family.

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