Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My very first outfit post

Over a cup of coffee, a fashion blogger friend of mine suggested that I start posting photos of my outfits since I dress well enough. (It was a mighty compliment, I tell you.) She reasoned that the kind of clothes I wear is something an average guy can use, too. So here I am, posting my first outfit post (two photos only, sorry) for you average Juans.

Button down shirt from TopMan, slim fit jeans from Penshoppe (the only pair I can wear from that brand), a good watch (never dress up without one), and a pair of Toms (a favorite of mine).

I'm not a fan of wearing too much accessories for guys and I can never take a man who dresses like a child seriously. I always believe that as you grow older, your personal style should mature as well. So my suggestion is to opt for the classic clean look--it never goes out of style.

And gentlemen, never sacrifice comfort for style. You don't have to wear a coat or a jacket when it's 35 degrees celsius outside just to look good. Not only will you sweat a bucketful, you'll look ridiculous as well. Women have more leeway to wear whatever just because, so save yourself the embarrassment.

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