Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random thoughts: Sotto and Dracula

#1: We're so accustomed to seeing and hearing the protagonist's struggle against their enemies that the outcome of almost every story conceivable can easily be predicted at the start of the film or the first chapter of a book. But what if we tell the story from the perspective of the villain? Or the arrogant, monologue-obsessed, power-hungry bully? Or from the perspective of Senator Sotto? Wouldn't that make for an interesting story?

Note: I am not suggesting that the senator is the villain or the arrogant, monologue-obsessed, power-hungry bully mentioned in this blog. Clearly Senator Sotto is neither the hero nor the villain in this blog entry, but it would make for an amusing story if told from his point of view, wouldn't you think so?

#2: November 8, 2012. Today is Bram Stoker's 165th birthday. If he were alive, I think he'd be very disappointed to see his gothic novel Dracula completely bastardized by the glittering halls of Hollywood to appeal to countless screaming ovaries and lady-balls.

Something to think about. Cup of tea, anyone?

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