Sunday, September 23, 2012


In the Mood For Love - Yumeji's Theme by Shigeru Umebayashi

Two young women walk down a cobblestone street with trench coats, bright scarves and colorful paper bags. They seem like they are having a wonderful conversation. They pass through the town streets, looking at stalls of ripe fruit and Persian cloth. It is a cloudy afternoon. They go to a cafe, sit, and order their favorite coffee. Cars pass by swiftly. From the other side of the road, a boy quickly looks from left to right and takes his first step into crossing the narrow street. He gets to the other side and sees one of the women. He feels a sudden burst inside his chest. He could not breathe, he could not speak. Everything around him begins to slow. His entire world dawns upon the clear vision of a face he has never seen before. He sees her beautiful brown hair, her luscious red lips, her almond-shaped eyes, and her perfect teeth. It was a vision. Pristine. Wonderful. Everything around him becomes a blur. The only clear image is that of the woman in front of him. He could hear her laughter – it is music to his ears. She moves a bit, unintentionally showing her perfect white legs and thighs. The wind caresses her fresh face and lifts her brown locks slightly, revealing her perfect neck. Her bosom is round and full, though hidden beneath from him and from the rest of the world. Her delicate fingers gently touch the length of her tall brown cup. Steam rises from the drink as she gently lifts it to her supple lips. The white foam touches her lips. The boy breathes heavily. His own temperature rising. He stiffens. He looks at her with intent, thirst, and desire. She turns to him as if to answer his call and she gives a nod, her smile present. Her eyes are bright and inviting as day slowly gives way to night.

*Interpretations is piece I wrote during my freshman year in college for our creative writing class. We were asked by our professor to listen to the song and write what we imagine to have happened. It was one of my favorite activities back then. Thank you, Prof. John Paul Abellera!


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Coby, and I'm happy you turned to be a fine writer as well. =) By the way, I'm no longer teaching next semester. I have to focus on my movie projects.

    1. Wishing you the best, sir. I'm thankful you were my professor in creative writing and script writing. Who knows, maybe I'll see you someday in ABS. :)


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