Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Finally, a photo editing app I like!

I was looking for something nice to download from iTunes earlier when I chanced upon a curious looking photo editing app that goes by the name of Pic Stitch. If you and I were acquainted, you would know that appearance (when it comes to the things I buy or download) matters. And whenever an app has disappointed me it immediately gets deleted from the face of my iPhone.

It's very easy to find on iTunes.

So I downloaded it and tried it for myself. Unlike some photo editing apps that allow you to create a set (just one, actually) of photos in one, Pic Stitch has a lot to choose from. You can choose the style you want and edit away. It's really very easy to use.

Here's the very first I did. Not much editing done. I just wanted to see if it'll work for me -- and it did! Yay!

Maybe I am promoting the app. Not that I was paid, mind you. But I genuinely liked it because of the options and the ease of use. Not sure about the others, though. This one will stay on my iPhone indefinitely.


A penny for your thoughts. Be kind.


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