Thursday, November 10, 2011


I’ve done it only once and it was for a class activity. I went out with classmates in an exclusive subdivision and sang Christmas carols. Unlike most carols these days, we actually sang, not played with recycled cans and sang with voices that are hardly angelic. And because we did a good job, we were able to get a big amount of money which was used for our class’ Christmas party.

But that was years ago. And I haven’t participated in any caroling since. Truth be told, I avoid it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas carols. Sometimes I surprise myself by humming to an old Christmas tune even in the middle of summer. And I do love a wonderfully sung carol by groups that actually know how to sing. But I avoid young children who invade our right to privacy and rape our ears with headache-inducing, cringe-worthy renditions.

It’s automatic, almost as old as the tradition itself—they come to our homes and sing even before they knock on our doors, and we give them a few pesos immediately to end the noise. Most of the time we let them finish their “Jingle Bells” and other easy Filipino carols before we open our doors. Some of us cut them midway and say our “patawad” just to get some peace and quiet. Sometimes—and I bet you’ve done this, too—we pretend nobody’s home. And when they leave our gates we let out a sigh of relief, but we prepare for another batch of eager kids to ruin the sanctity of our Christmases. Okay, maybe that was too harsh. But hey, don’t tell me you actually enjoy the ruckus?!

Peace and quiet. I think we’re all entitled to that especially during the holidays. I may not speak for everyone, but I’m sure some would agree that Christmas carols here are more of a nuisance than anything else.

I like to spend Christmas with my loved ones in peace. How can we do that when we’d have to pretend nobody’s home or say our patawads every 10 minutes or so. This is why I like living in a condominium: no children singing Christmas carols.

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