Monday, November 21, 2011

Makes no difference. Makes no sense.

St. Benedict, St. Belmont Abbey
North Carolina, USA   image source

Fr. Miguel deBenavides, UST image source

Walang pinagkaiba ang Benedictine values sa Thomasian values, Lasallian values, or Atenean. Pare-pareho lang yang mga yan. That's why I will forever refuse to accept the validity of BLF (Benedictine Lay Formation), especially since I've already aced my CWTS. But I do not have a choice. My appeal to have my CWTS reconsidered was turned down a long time ago. I'm now on my final semester, my final BLF, and I'm still not convinced of its difference from other similar subjects wherein one learns to be of service to the community. Really. Bite me.

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