Tuesday, September 11, 2012

That simple carbonara

Surely with all the photos of food you've seen on Instagram (assuming you have one) you'd probably say, "not another food post!" on this one. But wait, hear me out. I don't always post photos of food on my blog. I don't take photos of every great dish I eat. I tweet it maybe, but not always with a photo. I'm posting a photo of this dish because it blew me away. Never thought a dish made in 15 minutes at home would taste so much better than the expensive ones restaurants serve.

Carbonara Pasta

I've been following Erwan's blog for quite some time because it's one of the great, no-nonsense blogs on the internet these days. Erwan prepares delicious and healthy meals and he posts videos of how he prepares them for the benefit of his readers. But even though I drool over the delicious meals he prepares, I never really tried to do any one of the dishes he did. Until today.

I tried preparing Erwan's simple carbonara recipe and I think I was able to do it very well. It's unbelievably simple and it's very delicious. Eggs, cheese, olive oil, a slice of turkey and bacon. It's the perfect dinner for tonight, and the perfect dish to serve my guests tomorrow for lunch.

I thought why put the recipe here when you can just go directly to the source. There are a lot of great recipes there. Enjoy!


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